Monday, July 23, 2012



Yesterday we went to the tea garden at Sanitas, a local plant nursery. It's a very popular weekend spot for meeting for breakfast/brunch/lunch and letting the kids play on the playground.

It's fun now that Nile is big enough to play on the equipment. She still needs supervision and help, but she has a lot of fun.

Yes, Nile has entered the tutu phase. She has three in total, all gifts from family, on constant rotation. An outfit is now not complete without a tutu.

And when not on the playground, Nile is practicing her modeling.


Working the camera from both sides.


I guess this is pretty close to a family portrait -- me; Neil cut off at the far left, and Nile's finger.

An enjoyable morning.  


the mom said...

Nile is SOOOO funny. Where did she get that personality? OH WAIT....I know!
So nice to have you back online.
Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Donna said...

My youngest has that exact same tutu. Which she wears to bed, to school, to play, to pool... She always has a tutu on.

modestmuse said...

Twin tutus, I love it! How funny that these girls are so attached to such an impractical piece of apparel :) Sincerely though, thanks mom for sending it!