Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dinner Time, Home Tour Sneak Peek, and Drexel

Everyone has to eat. And evenings are pretty quiet in this town.

So, dinner time again! Neil had some guys over the other night. I kept the table setting unfussy. And he cooked! Portuguese chicken on skewers, spaghetti carbonara (from Stephanie's Tried and True recipe book, thanks Julie Frederiksen!), green beans, and homemade brownies with freshly whipped cream and strawberries!! Lucky girl I am :)


After the tour of the exterior of our house last year (before the pool was built!), I never did an interior tour. Here's a start.

Dining room, obvs.

Living room.


Yes, for those of you in the know, I think I lucked out in the Drexel Heritage department. The upholstery is a reasonably tasteful modern-ish yellow.

I prefer it to the tone-on-tone damask we had in our last place.

The coffee, end, and dining room tables/chairs/china cabinet, leave something to be desired, but it could be worse, e.g. I never want to see 18th century Drexel again (again, from our last place).

Just this morning, Nile tried to improve upon them with yellow crayon. The ol' crayon on the wall -- or in this case, furniture -- was bound to happen, and at least it was a complementary color.


And she stayed within the lines, tracing around the perimeter of the table top.


Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

ok - I wish I was your dinner guest :) Yummy!

Stephanie said...

Loving these updates and the main picture up top too! Oh and how fun that you guys used the cookbook! I love that thing. Love you!