Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drexel Heritage!

Shout out to all you Drexel Heritage lovers out there.

Neil, bless his heart, is a very good steward over our graciously supplied furniture. Ellie, naughty cat, has a bad habit of using them as a scratching post, even though we keep her out of the living room and keep the furniture covered with white sheets the majority of the time.

Ellie has taken to reaching up under the sheets and scratching when we're not looking!

So Neil went over them tonight with scissors to trim the threads and a lighter to singe any stragglers to nothingness. Then he applied clear anti-scratch tape to the arms of the couches.

Wow! I am glad one of us is a responsible adult.

While he was doing this work, Nile was watching with fascination. Again, good thing one of us is a responsible adult and will teach our daughter the values of stewardship and hard work.

She was scooting and crawling around, and she discovered she could finally pull herself up on the edge of the couch. Then, using fistfuls of dad's shirt,  she was trying to pull herself up on his back. I finally stood her up, where she clung like a little monkey, watching him work. She swayed this way and that, but held on for dear life!


But this post is not entirely about Drexel, but rather Nile's milestones and rites of passage; pulling herself up and, as you may have noticed in the pic above, GETTING HER EARS PIERCED!

Today, at 6 1/2 mos. of age, Nile got her ears pierced.

It is a totally different process here than in the States. I will explain the procedure -- and it is a procedure, requiring a doctor or a nurse -- and Nile's experience (at home!) in the next post.

Hopefully accompanied by a better picture. Gotta love the Drex!


p.s. between getting her ears pierced and falling on the back of her head a couple times while standing at the edge of the couch, Nile's tears have just about broken my heart today.


Daniela Swider said...
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Daniela Swider said...

I did see the earring in the picture with her Dad and was wondering if she had them before. Now I know she just got them.

I am originally from Bulgaria and there you have to go to the doctor to get your ears pierced too, so I was somewhat shocked when I realized that in the US you go to a mall and have a random teenager do it. Different perspectives - strange, ha?

mj said...

Nile is such a cutie. You'll both get used to bumps (or maybe I'm a bad mom).

modestmuse said...

Aw, thanks. I think the bumps come with the territory of becoming more mobile. And yes, I'm not sure now which is weirder -- the random teenager doing the piercing or a medical professional!

nomadic gnome said...

love the earrings! mark really wants to pierce our baby girls ears (future baby girl if we ever decide to parent). he thinks its the most darling thing, and after seeing nile i have to agree.

AMY_BELL - said...

OMG, Nile is standing!! She is getting so big, so fast. Her ear piercing is so cute, even though I'm sure it was traumatic for her, I'm sure she'll never even remember it :)