Thursday, October 28, 2010


The past couple days have been different.

Yesterday was a holiday, as Argentina shut down for the carrying out of its national census. Everything was closed by order of law from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Except a few critical places like hospitals. It was kind of interesting, in a hustling, bustling city like this, to have everything shut down. We were expected to stay home until the census taker came. Luckily our young census taker girl showed up a little after 1:00 p.m.

People here are very family oriented though, and I think it was a really welcome day to turn inward and spend time inside with family.

Headed out to the park

Afterward, we headed out to the park to lay around and hang out. Unfortunately, my camera battery died before we reached the corner of our block. I would have liked to have documented the glorious spring weather and groups of people of all ages spending time together in the park. There was also a girl doing amazing Cirque-du-Soleil type stuff with beautiful yards of red fabric hanging from a tree.

I didn't find out until I was online in the evening that former president and current first husband, Nestor Kirchner, had unexpectedly passed away of a heart attack that morning.

I feel so bad for President Kirchner. They appeared to be a very close couple, and I can't imagine losing my other half like that. Especially on a day that seemed to be such a gift of time together with family ...

Leaving the apt. Strange to see all the cars parked on the street during the day; usually everyone is away at work.

Then toward the evening I started to feel sick; I hadn't felt great all day and it suddenly started to get worse through the night. I went to see the Dr. this morning and then stayed home the rest of the day, alternately chilled and hot, aching and nauseous, having the strangest dreams. But it seems to have passed. I rarely get sick, so it's always weird and a drag when I do.

In other news, my sister in law and my parents in law finally bought their tickets yesterday to come visit us -- arriving on Monday! I am excited for their visit and glad I don't have to wait a long time for them to get here.

Yesterday, during the census, the streets were mostly empty. Such a different feel to the neighborhood, but nice to see couples and families strolling together. And this is where my camera battery died.

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Hi there, I'm an FSO that will be going to BA's Consular section next summer. I stumbled across your blog and was wondering if I could email you about the post? Thanks!