Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabric Fetish

OK, I know I have a lot of friends who are really into fabric and sewing projects.

I don't really know ANYTHING about that kind of stuff, let alone what's available. (Please don't renounce my membership to the My Cup of Tea Sewing Society, though! I promise I can contribute in some way ... ?)

But this one fabric store near my house always blows my mind. Maybe the fabrics they offer are normal, and I'm sure they're imported from the same places they get them in the U.S., but I feel like I have never seen stuff like this there! I'm SURE they must have it in the States?

Especially because I've noticed there's not a lot of variety of anything in Buenos Aires, and the same is true in this fabric store; a lot of the same pattern in different colors. But I still think they look cool!

Stephanie, maybe this is why I went nuts over that store in AZ? Maybe I just don't know enough about textiles to know what's totally normally available and what's not.

BUT, I see all of this fabric and I just want to make stuff!!! OK, let me clarify: I want to give someone the ideas to execute on my behalf. I really have no desire to sew; it looks really frustrating and time consuming and like something that is impossible to get any good at unless you spend years at it and have lots of time, which I don't have :/  (Would you believe my first major in college was apparel design? Maybe that's where I became jaded ...)

So what started this little obsession was thinking about some sort of "dust ruffle" for Nile's crib and/or fabric to use for some sort of covered bulletin board or something cutesy to make her room look a little more adorable and less like her mom spent zero time decorating it ...

So I went in and saw this, which I "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE" :


And then the snotty salesgirl told me it was the equivalent of US $50/unit (yard? meter?) which I highly doubt, it's 100% cotton, come on? But who knows? So I'm not going to buy it.

All of the corresponding little girly fabrics are so cute! I really think girl colors are so cute. Suddenly I love all things pink, what happened? :)


Even though I was sad not to buy some LOVE fabric for my baby girl (OK, let's be honest: I would have just left it folded up in the bag, not sure what to do with it just like the fabric remnants I bought in AZ), I admired all the other pretty, pretty fabric and imagined chairs, couches, comforter covers, curtains etc. in all of these beautiful hues and textures. Oh yeah, and I touched a lot of the fabric. I LOVE all of the chenille damask patterns!!!!



Are these normal, guys? Am I being crazy? Is this something I can get in the States, or should I splurge and get some of this stuff here?!

I really want a little occasional chair covered in this white and pink sun/geometric chenille!

As I said, a lot of the same pattern in different colors, but that in itself is kind of cool to see all the different "flavors."




stephanie joy said...

Ohhh what a dream! If it were me I would grab everything in sight since Hawaii has NOTHING of the sort. As I am sure you are well aware. I love damask too but Thomas thinks it looks too sophisticated for us or something. Every time I try and get it he throws around words like, "middle aged," but I adore it and I have never seen it in those varieties! It might be all over the mainland though. Anyone know?

And don't you worry about contributing to our society. I hardly do myself although I do love sewing and talking about it.... I never, ever do it anymore. Ever. Working is my hobby I guess. FUN! :) haha I, too, have what seems to be a compulsion to see these delicious fabrics and feel like I HAVE TO HAVE THEM....and then they sit untouched in my closet. But I am content to look at them and imagine so I guess they pay for themselves that way? I think I will sew again someday. Seeing posts like this get me all fired up and excited - letting me know that the flame is still burning somewhere. :)

the mom said...

The fabrics ARE beautiful. If you want to see them displayed and NOT sew - stretch them out on a frame of some size or have them framed and then hang them as art work. They could be easily changed out as you change your mind and decor. They look like they are very nice to touch for the texture, too.

I look for the easy way out. :D

My Life Unfolded said...

You are right I think the LOVE fabric is really overpriced however if it is what you want it is what you want!!! The fabrics are ohhhhhh so beautiful. Sewing does require time but it is rewarding. It is easy to start sewing with simple home decor, it is usually just a straight stich and I am confident you can finish a bed skirt for your daughter's crib in 2 hours and little direction!

Travelin' Tracy said...

Did you know that you can buy hem tape, which you can then iron on and you don't have to sew it? I decided to buy fabric to make a crib skirt for Jack, and I didn't sew a thing...I just used velcro to attach it and then use the hem tape to make the correct edge!

Plus, I'm also not a sewer, but I sure wish i was...there are some many things I wish I could make. However, pillows are so easy...just a square, it takes 10 minutes! Framing the fabric is another idea I also like.

Really cute fabric too. You can't find that kind of stuff in my small town in WV, but I was just admiring something similar to the love fabric (not as expensive) but this fabric is of the alphabet.

Brooke said...

In my opinion you would not find most of those fabrics in your average American fabric store.

zebragallerie said...

what's the store name please? i LOVE them all - please help me!!