Monday, October 25, 2010

The Neighborhood in Which We Live

On a recent walk around Belgrano, our 'hood ...

We be jonesin' for dijon.
(Jar left on wall outside high-rise apartment.)


I'm picturing a bunch of kids loitering and eating something that just demanded the use of dijon mustard ... ? Who has to crack open a jar of dijon on the street and then leave it there like a used ketchup packet? Except it's not a ketchup -- or a mustard -- packet ... it's a jar of dijon! This neighborhood is a little bit like that ...

We be bringin' our dogs with us to rent movies.
No really, Golden Retrievers and the like.

As I've posted before, it's not uncommon to see dogs waiting, unleashed, for their owners outside of stores. Some places, like the movie rental place, don't mind if you bring your dog inside.


Belgrano is definitely a nice place to live. Don't let the local flava (grey poupon?) scare you.

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