Sunday, July 27, 2008

Awesome Show

Last night, Neil and I went to an awesome show. Iggy came with us, but it was a sold-out show, so she ended up having other adventures.

I got tickets last week when I stopped by Black Cat to pick up tickets to Ratatat, the BOMB-est show there will be all year -- mark your calendar, 10/2/08.

When I got the Ratatat tix, I saw The Ruby Suns were playing this weekend. I'd seen them before at Black Cat and thought they were great. They're from New Zealand and are a lot of fun, and it had been awhile since I'd been to any show, so I got us tix.

Exit Clov, a D.C. group, opened for them, and TRS, who put on a great show, opened for Tilly and The Wall. I'd never heard of TTW, but I had looked them up and liked their sound, too.

TTW ended up being AMAZING. I didn't realize it until I read their bio today that they are on Conor Oberst's (Bright Eyes) label. I like Bright Eyes, so I should have known they'd be good. But they were really great! They were just a lot of fun. Any indie group that plays a mix of songs including "Give it to me" by Jay-Z while they're setting up is pretty sweet. They had great outfits, the two female lead vocalists/guitarists were attractive and EXTREMELY talented -- great voices, PLUS their percussion section consisted of a hipster girl on a little stage in the center of the main stage TAP DANCING. Yes, tap dancing!
Her little stage was rigged so her tapping came through the speakers, and it was pretty much the percussion for every song. One song even had a sort of flamenco feel to it, which was enhanced by the fact she was stomping away to it. Sometimes a guy accompanied her on the trap set, but it was mostly her through the whole show. What a workout! If you listen to their music, you don't really realize it's someone tapping, but she sure was and it was really impressive.

I highly recommend going to see any of the above groups if they come to your neighborhood. Contemplating this whole international move ahead of me, this is the sort of thing I'll miss. I know that's why groups go on int'l tours, but I know I'll also miss D.C.


Iggy Bloggit said...

i can't believe i had to miss that. fyi for everyone else, when we first realized it was sold out we saw a girl sell her extra ticket to someone right before our eyes... i spent the next hour asking everyone for an extra ticket but no one had one to sell. i thought it was weird that it was sold out, but it sounds like it was for good reason, from your rave review, megatron!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i am a tilly fan for sure and now thanks to you a ratatat fan too! i will live vicariously through you with all this fun show going... no one cool ever comes to hawaii :(

modestmuse said...

Sorry, IB. Next time! It was heartbreaking no one had an extra ticket.

Stephanie, I didn't know you were a fan, I wish you could've come with us, too! And that you'd be here in Oct. Maybe no one cool come to HI, but you've got nicer beaches.

mj said...

sounds very fun. chris has become a big fan of ratatat recently so maybe we should check them out when they come to town.

Taralyn said...

That sounds really cool. I have never thought of tap dancing for percussion.

Tara said...

that show looks really cool. why have i never heard of them? not cool enough i guess.