Friday, July 18, 2008

Cocoa Tea Time

The best thing to happen to me all day.

Heard this on the reggae radio station. The song is great and the video editing is better.

"Well, this is not about class
nor color, race, nor creed
Make no mistake, it's the changes
all the people them need.
Them a-shout out,
Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Woy, woy!"
-- Cocoa Tea, "Barack Obama"


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

that lucky obama... what does it take to get a reggae song written about you up in here? i would run for president but we saw what happened to the last brave woman :)

Taralyn said...

I think I just heard them say something about John Wayne and the Terminator. Those are definitely essential issues in the race for presidency. Great song. I'll be singing "Barack Obama" all day!

modestmuse said...

I have a stake in either one of these "firsts," and in this case, I'm fine with it not being the first woman. If only you were old enough, you'd have my vote!

Yes, he does mention John Wayne and the Terminator -- and before that, Chuck Norris (of course!) and Rambo. Pret-ty catchy.