Thursday, January 15, 2009


Do I have a lazy eye?

Well, things are rolling along and I'm counting down to when we leave this frozen Virginia tundra (the wind is howling outside as I write this) for the MUCH warmer climes of Buenos Aires (highs in the high 90s). Although I love and will miss VA, I'm ready to get my tan on!

I had my Spanish proficiency exam today, which I passed! So that's exciting news, if only for the fact that I am for sure leaving on Jan. 28 and not staying for remedial Spanish training, haha.

This wasn't the most comforting message to greet me at the entrance to the Urgent Care center I went to last week. After having endured two days of excruciating pain and general malaise, I wasn't very surprised to learn I had strep throat.

I've been corresponding with the folks at post, and I found out some details about my apartment. It's in the Belgrano neighborhood for those of you in the know, which is in the city, near the Embassy. And peep this: It's 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths, PLUS a maid's room and bathroom. I don't know what I'm going to do with all that space after living in a studio apt. for the past year! I am happy that Neil will be able to have an "office," as he is going to be studying and working on his degree online. Also, since he will in effect be the maid, he will have his own quarters if he so chooses :) I will definitely post pics of the place once we get there. And we obviously have PLENTY of space for visitors, so COME ON DOWN!

Our shoes by the door. The other day I noticed how cute our shoes look, all the same size hehe. Can you tell whose are whose? Hint: 3 are his, 3 are mine.

I keep hearing the most A-MA-ZING things about Buenos Aires, so I just can't wait to get there.


it is sad to think of all the friends and family that we are leaving here in the States. For all the excitement ahead of us, there are many exciting milestones, celebrations, gatherings, ups and downs of life, etc. that we won't be able to fully participate in because of our physical distance.

This makes me sad, but grateful for these relationships and the support system that I have here at home. I'm glad that I have people I will miss and who will miss me. I am so lucky for all the people I know and love.

These pics are displayed as a tryptic on many a wall in State Dept. buildings. What are they going to do with them come next week??


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

wow- your life is seriously so cool in so so many ways. i feel a little run down today and this sounds much better than what i am up to- wanna trade? no? oh, ok. :)

Iggy Bloggit said...

you guys have a sweet setup! and sounds like neil will be filling many shoes in his duties down there. hardee har har

Travelin' Tracy said...

What will you be doing? I think I am image where you are at right now...packing up things, selling or putting things in storage and preparing things for shipment. Isn't it fun to go overseas? Joe would love to be in Argentina because of the mountains, so I guess we will have to try and make a long will you be there? I'm so excited for you!

rachel said...

how long will you live there?...don't be surprised or prepare to be surprised when I take you up on your offer and show up with my stranger husband. did you see dan in real life?

Sasha&Patric said...

Im gonna miss you, and we have not even really been able to hang out much! We will always have our s'mores!

modestmuse said...

Thanks, Stephanie. But you def wouldn't have wanted to be sick with strep like I was!

Iggy, thanks for the levity ;)

Tracy, we'll be there for two years for my job. You and Joe should come visit!!

Rachel, no I didn't see Dan in Real Life, but I've heard it's good. And it must have something along the theme of surprise visits? You and your HUSBAND (did I know you are married?!?!?) are definitely invited, PLEASE come visit!

Sasha!! Seriously, why didn't we start hanging out before now?? Ugh. Yes, fond, fond memories of s'mores :)

mel said...

please, please, please can I see you before you leave?!!!! I will try to come down...someday... sometime...

Z. Marie said...

Your apartment sounds awesome. Assuming BA is a furnished post, be prepared for them to NOT furnish the room classified as maid's quarters. Probably not an issue if it's going to be an office, but I thought I'd mention it.