Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My friend Cavan cracks me up. I have said it before, he is one of the funniest people I know.

We met in the dorms at ISU and a few years later, he was my boss at the Iowa State Daily university newspaper until I transferred to BYUH.

Up until I moved on in Sept., we both worked for the same company, but in different states.

This old e-mail still cracks me up:

Megan [edited]

to cavan

Hey Cavan,

How are you? I read your blog today. I was looking for your picture ... Your photo used to be on there, but now I can't find it. Hmm ... OK, so the reason I wanted to see your photo is because (I think I told you this previously) there is a guy on campus [at BYUH] who looks a LOT like you!! It's really weird. And after a series of coincidences today, I found out his name and HERE is his picture from the student directory! Talk to you soon.

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Cavan [edited]

to me


I did not want it to come to this. You were not supposed to find out. I am a secret agent, Megan, and I am undercover at BYU-Hawaii. I am part of [edited]. Didn't you ever notice that you never see this guy on campus -and- me at the same time? Didn't you think it was odd that I wanted to know about the Half-Breed Outlaws when we were in college [at Iowa State]? Didn't you put it together that I was the one posting those fliers, trying to lure them into a class so that [edited] could arrest them all? Didn't you suspect anything when you saw me ... all those years ago, looking for clues even then? Didn't it seem odd that I am slowly working my way toward controlling the media so that nobody ever finds out about our secret operations, starting with the most influential media outlet in the world, the Iowa State Daily?

Now my cover is blown and I will have to go into hiding. Do not tell anyone about [edited], Megan, or we will never find the Half-Breed Outlaws!

[edited] Secret Agent


That e-mail was from a few years ago, but here is is a current picture of Cavan:
And the BYUH twin again:
What do you think??!?!?!?!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i remember you telling me about this and pointing him out to me on campus! that is hilarious!!!

Tara said...

i would say twins for sure. crazy! now does this person know he is on your blog and that you stocked him on campus and are now telling everyone that he has a twin. all im saying is, maybe he should know. ;)

Lincs and Ali said...

They totally look like twins!!

AJ said...

he was our home teacher in our married ward at BYUH.

modestmuse said...

Well, AJ, maybe you need to tell him that he has a twin. :)

I totally forgot his name, so if anyone knows it, (Tara?) please let him know. Or maybe he will think it's weird ... Actually, my memory is jogging now and I think I may have told him about Cavan. An awkward conversation, since I don't know him. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about, but I'm on to him!

Taralyn said...

how did you happen upon the picture of the BYUH guy? That is the story I would like to hear. Did u just walk up to him one day and request his personal identification?