Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thanksgiving pics

Neil took our family pictures at Thanksgiving. Here are some of them.
The fam, l-r: Kendra, James, Me, Neil, Mom, Dad, Aranessa, Zak.
Mom gave us all Argentine/American flag pins.

The siblings: Me, Kendra, Zak

The sibs and S.O.'s

The Mom, The Dad, The Wyeth


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i love the pictures and i have never seen kendra so this was a treat! i am happy to see that beautiful puppy dog again too. :)

Fearless Leader said...

Yeah! Family know, I don't think I have ever seen a family picture. ...You always kept a really old picture of your mom with red hair??? I think I always just thought you were a nomad. Glad to find out I was wrong! Unless you are just doing this for your job...maybe these are photoshop[ed pictures! NICE MEG!!! Did you have fun "creating" your family! Dont be afraid to embrass yout nomadic roots.

modestmuse said...

That is indeed my fam, minus my estranged sister. But we're all a little strange! Not as strange as the sisterhood of the traveling ensemble, Aly! You crack me up!!! And Wyeth misses Ambrose!

Taralyn said...

what a cute fam damily :)

Tara said...

you are beautiful megan! very cute family. i LOVE your dads beard.

chris, jamie, dane, maggie and cooper said...

Gian and I were reminiscing about you guys the other day and he told me about your blog. I had to check it out. We have a blast remembering all of the craziness that surrounded your short stay in Provo. Book burning, waterbed in the backyard, dance parties, etc. Hoe are the rest of the boys(clawsons, hash)?