Monday, January 19, 2009

Gearing Up For Obama

Well, out of the blue and thanks to a friend, I scored one of these today:
So earrrrly tomorrow morning, I'll be gearing up in ALL of the clothes (and the boots, but not the beach towel) pictured below and heading over to watch Obama take the oath of office.

In related news, on Friday, I went to Condoleezza Rice's farewell reception, where she gave some really great and inspiring remarks and I took her picture:


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

you should rename your blog.

here are some suggestions:

the fabulous life of megan

yeah, i do some really really cool stuff

what did you do today? nice. well, here's what i did...

something else indicating that your life is fabulous, interesting, full of adventure and intrigue and enviable :)

im glad we get to see it all through your blog!

AJ said...

you have such an amazing life. so proud to know you! what a significant opportunity you have!

nomadic gnome said...

you are so lucky!! i'm sad to miss your party this weekend, but i'm back in nyc. wish i could be there to celebrate how much we all love you and neil. :)

Liz said...

wait, i'm still laughing, megan. serioiusly, i keep thinking about the crazy man, the photographer's broken heart, his single lady that i blocked, my disclosing too many things to a stranger over eggplant, and neil being super nice with taking it all in. you two are the best. have a fun last couple of days. dying to see your place in buenos aires (sp).

modestmuse said...

Thanks Stephanie! I guess it's all a matter of perspective, but thanks for thinking what I do is exciting. I think your life sounds pretty darn sweet -- sand, surf, sun, SONs!

And AJ, you're too kind! Just so you know, your apron is taking a little trip, packed in my bags! I didn't want to wait for it to get shipped with the other stuff, or worse, risk losing it!

NG, a research trip to Buenos Aires is in order.

Liz, you and Tevita just have to come visit, there's no way around that. Then he and Neil could commiserate as they put up with the hilarious foolishness we would get into.

mj said...

we will miss you waltons! here's hoping the plane takes off tomorrow

mj said...

ok i didn't mean that in a creepy way but in more of a gosh i hope you don't have any annoying snow delays way.

Taralyn said...

Condoleeza Rice is awesome! I bet that was awesome. We'd like to hear about Argentina now if you please :)