Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moving Day

This was a few weeks ago, but here is the photo documentation.

The movers and our crates arrived in the morning. The open flatbed was a big change from the fully enclosed moving truck we had at pack-out . I'm just glad it didn't rain ...

... especially because on top of the crates was a custom-made box housing an 8-foot-tall portrait of Neil that his friend, Gregg, painted years ago in art school and presented to us as a gift before we moved.

Cracking the seals. You're almost there!

And the fun begins! (Don't worry, that precariously hanging box was empty, just there to fill space.)

Neil, taking a breather among all our STUFF.

Me, taking a breather and a snacker: The stark contrast between his diet and mine (also veggies vs. Pop Tarts). This piece broke off in the shape of a heart!

Bless these men for assembling our Ikea bookshelf.

Neil allowed me to bring it ONLY under the condition that the movers would disassemble it at pack-out and reassemble it at move-in.

They were amazing -- they put it together in 15 min. with no instructions!!

Neil, unpacking and organizing our books. And randomly wearing Uncle CB's hand-me-down shoes. Oh, the treasures you find when unpacking.

That's his 8-foot-tall portrait in the background.

Phew! We ----- ok, THEY ----- did it!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i wanna better look at that portrait! how cool! where do you keep it? i want an 8 ft. tall portrait of our family. that would be awesome.

mel said...

1) How could you even THINK of leaving w/o that blessed IKEA bookshelf. I've been wanting one of those for years! 2) I love your new header, what is it from? 3) I'm so jealous, Argentina looks A-mazing!

Brooke said...


modestmuse said...

I'll have to take a closer pic of the portrait. It's still in the same place, but we might have to put it away for now because our ceilings aren't high enough to really showcase it -- maybe one day when we have a cathedral ceiling or something! I want Gregg to do a portrait of us one day, too.

1) I know, I'm glad the movers came through for me on the bookshelf!
2)I took the header photo during a design show a few weeks ago.
3)Don't be jealous, come visit!!!

Your UAB should show up soon, ours came within 2 weeks I think.

Iggy Bloggit said...

nice painting, i remember going to gregg's art show. do you know if he has an art web site?