Saturday, April 11, 2009

Think of Me

Thursday night I went with some girl friends to see "El Fantasma de la Opera." It was amazing! It was the Andrew Lloyd Webber version, translated into Spanish. I was really impressed by the theater, the sets and the music. Everything!

I'd never been to a musical before, but I knew most of the songs by heart from listening to the soundtrack as a child.

Well, let me rephrase, I knew the English version by heart. Which helped me to understand the Spanish version.

There was an amazing live orchestra and the sound was great (I think helped by mics, but that's OK).

During the key chandelier-falling scene, the chandelier actually swung down over the audience; it was pretty cool. I took these pics during intermission when they were raising it back up. (Click the pic to enlarge)

The gold angel decorations you see framing the stage were beautiful. The center one, above the stage, was lowered during the scene when Christine and Raoul are on the rooftop singing "All I Ask of You" (my favorite). It created this romantic scene with those golden angels above it, and was awesome at the end of the scene when you realize the Phantom overheard them and he sings "All I Ask of You: Reprise" because suddenly he stood up from inside the suspended gold angel thing!!!! He was there eavesdropping all along! Crazy but a very cool effect.

Another cool touch was the song "Masquerade," because it was translated to "Carnaval" which was quite regionally appropriate.


Tara said...

so freakin jealous! i am always belting out "think of me." im sure jason loves it.

modestmuse said...

Aw, you should record yourself and put it on your blog! That would be awesome!!