Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Funny Hat' Party

We went to a "Funny Hat" party last weekend at the Marine House.

Before we left, we waited for our ride in the "park" that's not really a park, across from our apartment. Is that Joseph Smith? Just checking.

This was my "funny hat," chosen from among the collection of strange accouterments for one's head that can be found in one of Neil's multitude of Sterilite containers.
He got it at some African store in Adams Morgan. He wore a black doo rag from some gas station in VA. Now I'm glad he didn't get rid of these one of the 1,000 times I exasperatedly told him to throw away all this junk.

Jesse let us try on his authentic, Iraq-worn Marine helmet, goggles, and noise-canceling headphones. The headphones were really cool; they're electronic and they cancel noise over a certain decibel (for example, gunfire). So you can hear people talking to you but not things blowing up. Key. They even have an audio input jack so, as Jesse put it, he can have a soundtrack while traveling in the convoy or while target shooting on the range. Pretty mean!
Me looking more like a Genie than a Marine.

Marines doing (one of the things) they do best ... fundraising!

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Taralyn said...

I want to have a funny hat party. Will you come?