Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Rama = branchBonafide Rama

Rama with dulce de leche.

Sometimes Neil gets experimental with new foods here; of course, only on the weekend when he can cut loose. You did know that Neil is a raw foodist Monday-Friday but he eats whatever (usually his normal diet punctuated by pizza and sweets) on the weekend, right?

Anyway, this one was the strangest by far. I am so disgusted by it and especially by dulce de leche. I thought they were cinnamon-flavored cookies or something. But no, they are ripples of milk chocolate, that are soft and flake apart delicately and easily when touched.

I won't eat it, but I am definitely going to use "Rama" if/when we make gingerbread houses at Christmas!!! As the name suggests, they would make perfect tree trunks!

Now, for the leaves -- a ball of mini marshmallows dipped in green food coloring? Can you think of something more realistic to match the awesomely realistic trunk??


M. said...

no no! Try it!! They have something similar in the UK, it's called a flake and i love them. They are about as wide as your finger, these look MUCh bigger? but try, just ones... minus the caramel!

Iggy Bloggit said...

we used to make rice-krispy treat type Christmas sweets by melting the marshmallows & butter and adding green food coloring, then the magic ingredient..... corn flakes instead of rice krispies. they looked exactly like holly and i'm sure they'd double as realistic treetops

nomadic gnome said...

whatevs these look awesome! set off my chocolate craving for the day. yum.