Thursday, September 3, 2009


Saw this bottle of seltzer water, or, as they call it here "agua con gas," at Nucha. Funny that it's called Wai-Kiki. In Argentina?

Did you know that Argentines LOVE seltzer water, and you have to ask for regular water or they will automatically assume you want seltzer water? And in restuarants water usually comes in a green glass bottle? Very quaint.

For the record, I really, really dislike agua con gas (Neil has politely asked me to stop using the "h" word



Lincoln and Alisia said...

I HATE agua con gas too!

Iggy Bloggit said...

i love bubble water. such texture, so crisp! hint of flavor. mmm. :)

AJones said...

do you know it comes in those green bottles because its refilled on site...yup! andwho knows if the bottles been washed very well... Or at least that was the case in Ecuador....check carefully and at the very least don't drink straight from the bottle...that makes me have the ooggies...Wai kiki doesnt sound so bad.

M. said...

amen Ali. I also HATE agua con gas. bleck!