Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Two Years and Happy Valentine's Day!

With all the hubbub of relocating hemispheres, I neglected to post on two significant events:

Neil and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary!!!


We all celebrated a happy Valentine's Day!

I hope the latter was a special day for you. It was for us; we had a lovely brunch at Neil's parents' with his siblings and their babies; we went to Church where I realized how much easier it is to listen to lessons in English; and then we visited with the fam some more.

Our wedding anniversary we spent at home with the family as well; we had fajitas and celebrated with bro-in-law's birthday cake/our anniversary cake!

It's nice to be comfortable and enjoy the company of loved ones.


a mermaid said...

i'm just trying to figure out that picture. and what everyone is wearing in that picture.

i like it! :)

modestmuse said...

lolol it was a toga party my friend had awhile ago. I came across the pic and thought, this is Valentines/Cupid-ish! :P