Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's About Time!

Do you ever have those errands that are easy enough to check off your list but that take you forever in getting around to doing?

After SIX YEARS, I finally checked getting my watch fixed off of my list.

Yes, six years.

I have a lovely watch, pictured above, that broke the day I arrived in Hawaii in 2004. A pin attaching the face to the band fell out, leaving the watch in two pieces, unwearable. I almost saw it as a sign -- I had moved to Hawaii, where everything is on "Hawaiian time," i.e. very slow-moving, laid back and unconcerned with punctuality. This was a welcome stage in my life, and I went with the flow, putting the broken watch in a drawer and embracing the freedom from chronology. At any rate, I always had a cell phone in my pocket if I needed to know the time.

This worked fine for me until my job of the last year and a half. Punctuality is critical and I don't usually have my cell phone on me. I needed a watch. Neil took the watch to a watch repair place in B.A., but they couldn't fix it. He bought me a clever little white Casio that I love, but it's way too sporty to wear with a suit -- although I did anyway for lack of a dressy watch and hoped I was pulling off a sporty look, like I just went running ;) But who am I kidding?

I have been carrying the broken watch in a Ziploc baggie in my purse for a few months, with the intention of taking it to a watch place to have it fixed.

Just the other day I was at the mall, and I thought, "Hey! I should see about getting my watch fixed here!" I went to a jeweler, and they said they couldn't fix it, but recommended that I go to Sears, where there is a lady with a little shop who does watch repair. So to Sears I went.

I handed the two pieces of the watch to the lady, and asked if she could fix the band. She said, "Oh yeah, give me five minutes."

I think it cost $5 or something. Funny it took so long to finally get around to doing it!


M. said...

yeah... mine is PUTTING batteries in my watch. Well, and dry cleaning. Those are my two arch nemeses.

A Daring Adventure said...

It's Friday, and that means that the Second Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

Here is the link:

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modestmuse said...

Wow, thanks! What an honor and a neat idea!!