Monday, March 1, 2010

Road Trip: Las Vegas

We went to visit our friends in Las Vegas and I saw the Strip for the first time!

We left the hotel parking lot, filled with anticipation :)

And drove through a lot of desert.

We crossed the Hoover Dam, but we didn't stop, I just snapped pictures from the car.

They're constructing a new bridge.

We finally arrived in Las Vegas!!!

We went to Caesars Palace.

All the hotels had been elaborately decorated for Chinese New Year (Feb. 14).

We went to the Bellagio, which was my one must-see in Las Vegas. Ever since I saw Ocean's Eleven, I've wanted to see the magnificent, choreographed fountain in front and the glass flowers on the lobby ceiling!

The Bellagios's atrium was filled with live orchids, trees, lanterns, etc. to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Our gracious hosts and friends, Collin and Rosemay.

See the little panda on the bamboo?

After the Bellagio we went across the street and had dessert crêpes in "Paris."


a mermaid said...

what a fun little getaway and how gorgeous too!

Liz said...

fun!! i love vegas and also love keeping up with your travels to vegas! and does neil look like shaun white or what? what a handsome buggah!

Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

This looked like it was a fun trip :) If you are coming anywhere near Provo, you have to let me know... it's not that far from Vegas you know!!! I'm glad you got to see the water show, I think it's one of the funnest things there :)

nomadic gnome said...

megs can we say how gorgeous you are!! it's true what they say about the glowing and radiant thing! (i'm not talking about radioactivity, although you may have been confused for a minute).

happy pregs! when are you due?

modestmuse said...

Yeah, i was fun to get away. Liz, Neil has heard the Shaun White comparison a few times and does not seem to like it hahaha -- come on Neil, it could be much worse!

Bri, I don't think I'll be headed up to UT. Bummmer! :(

NG, thanks! Three weeks to go (March 23 or thereabouts). Only a few days till your big day, wow!