Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ono Grindz

We went to L&L for plate lunches the other day. Oh my, it was soooo good! And way less greasy here than the one in Laie -- everything was made to order, none of that lo mein under a heating lamp.

Even so, L&L is one of those places, at least for me, that you can only go to once in a looong while -- when you are suddenly hit with a craving for it! So after we saw an L&L the other day, I started really jonesing for some chicken curry katsu. I am still really surprised how far L&L has spread on the mainland, I had no idea. And lucky that our paths crossed on this trip!

It was really fun to be in the restaurant, surrounded by foods and people from the islands. Yes, there were Polynesians there. There were posters on the wall for a hula sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines; photos of plumeria lei-wearing little hula girls performing in Waikiki; a calendar from Bank of Hawaii, etc. Hand-written posters under the marquee menu advertising that they have mana pua, poke, haupia, etc. And choke Hawaiian Sun drinks!

I couldn't decide between kalua pig or chicken curry katsu. Then the girl taking my order said, "You can always do half and half." Yess! Neil got the Spam and eggs. We may have to head back over there before this trip is done. You know, once we build up another craving.


Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

mmmm looks so good! Byron always wants to go there here in Provo but I haven't gotten anything yet because my stomach still feels heavy with grease since I ate there in HI (haha, jk. well kind of, I don't feel greasy, i just haven't ordered anything!)

AJ said...

I wanted there to be one in Guam but no such luck.

They even have L&L in WA. Crazy huh?

That looks really good right now.

Anonymous said...

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