Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Year - 7 1/2 months

Neil is holding a Brazilian mate and bombilla at the Relief Society President's house.

January 29 we celebrated one year here in Argentina! We are really enjoying it, and have one year left before we go somewhere else. So if you're planning to visit us, do it before January 2011!

-- However, don't come visit in the next three months, because we won't be here. --

We are leaving on Tuesday for Mesa, AZ. We already have plans to see a few of you there! I'm really excited to go, I like Arizona.

I am currently 7 1/2 mos. pregnant. Today we had our final appointment with our wonderful Dr. here. OK, and I had another ultrasound ... to add to another "fetal scan" (a very thorough, DVD-recorded ultrasound) I had last Saturday ... are we up to 11 ultrasounds now?

I am really going to miss our Dr., he's great. We took a picture together today:

He apologized for not having his tie :)

All the doctors we've seen here have solo private practices, an office in an apt. building in the city. And they don't have a nurse, just a receptionist, and then you see the Dr. directly every time, so I have REALLY appreciated that. They all have midwives that they contract with who you meet at about this time in the pregnancy, and who primarily attend you at the hospital, not the staff nurses at the hospital. So each doctor has only a few (private) hospitals where they have a relationship with the OB unit and will deliver. Because they are in a solo practice, they are the one who delivers the baby. I am disappointed not to experience the birth here.

However, the Dr. we have lined up in AZ is in a similar private practice and comes highly recommended, so here's to hoping. And we're planning to hire a doula to hopefully help things go extra smoothly. It's hard to believe THIS IS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN.


a mermaid said...

how exciting!! you look great- you both do :)

so, i wrote ya on facebook, but i need your AZ address please.

Z. Marie said...

Good luck! Wish we could come visit in Mesa -- I haven't been back there since we moved in 2000 -- but we'll probably be snowed in in D.C. for the next zillion months or so.

Cavan said...

I'm so happy for you two!

AMY_BELL - said...

I'm so coming to visit this summer!! I will be there around the end of July. When you get to AZ, call me so we can chat about it :)