Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Going to Miss My Doggie

I would insert a pic of my dog here, but I drained the battery on my camera and haven't charged it in weeks. Hence the lack of photos and posts recently.

Anyway, we are leaving in two weeks for Arizona! And all I can think of is that I'll miss my little doggie. He is so cute and I love holding him, playing with him and kissing him. I guess that will all have to change when this baby comes along anyway ... The cat I won't miss so much, and she won't miss me.

Wait, did I say we are leaving in two weeks for Arizona?? As in, we are leaving when I am 7 1/2 months pregnant? That's right. And no, we're not coming back empty-handed :) We are going to stay there for three months (!!!) so our little bundle of joy will be born there.

I know, I know, it would've been a cool story to say she was born in Argentina, but she wouldn't be able to have dual citizenship anyway because of the type of visa we have.

So to Arizona we go, and I couldn't be more excited. We'll be in Mesa, so if you are anywhere in a multi-state radius -- or heck, anywhere on the continent -- and want to visit, PLEASE DO!!!!!!!!

I will miss Argentina, but it will be cool to be back in the States and to lounge by a pool all day every day ;) Well, for the first few weeks at least. Then there's that whole giving birth thing and grueling parents-of-a-newborn schedule. Hm.


a mermaid said...

WOW! That is cool- I'm excited that you get to have an extended vacation and lots of people around to help. Awesome!

M. said...

Megan!!! When do you leave and where will you be?! I've got a weekend layover in Phoenix on the 12-15. it would be so great to see you...

Cavan said...

That is a long time without your doggie! I feel the same way when we have to leave the pets behind.

That's great that you get to stay in Arizona that long! Do you have to work at all while you are out there?

Miss you!

mj said...

Can I just say how good of an idea it is to go somewhere where there are lots of people to help with that whole newborn thing?

I was careful not to schedule my mom's visit too early b/c there might not be a baby yet, but then when baby was born the first couple days out of the hospital before she got here were pretty much the hardest of my life. Yup. And seriously enjoy that lounging by the pool business!

AMY_BELL - said...

When you leave Argentina for good will you bring your dog? Who's taking care of it while you're in AZ? It will be great to see your new baby. Tracy's pregnant now too. We're pretty excited about that, but we have about 8 months to wait for that. Anyway, have a safe flight. Will you be stopping by VA at all?

Miss Amy said...

Thank you for your sweet note about your dad's experience with Lyme disease. It's a very real possibility, so I passed along the tip to my parents. Thank you so much! I see Melinda posted here that she'll be in Phoenix 12-15th. She'll be here with me! Maybe we can all go out for lunch :) Safe travels!

modestmuse said...

Stephanie, I wish you could be there! Melinda, Amy, see you at Cafe Rio :) Glad my note might help.

Cavan, I miss you too :( I know you want to Spring Break in AZ, come on down! I will not have to work at all while I'm there, yay!

Amen to having helpers around, MJ. I KNOW I could not do it on my own.

Amy B., congrats on your niece or nephew-to-be! I hope you can still come visit me in BsAs and meet my baby, since I won't hit up VA on this trip :/ One of my coworkers is taking care of our dog and cat and we will definitely take them with us when we move.