Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year?

With it being summer here, I feel disconnected from the idea that it is indeed a NEW YEAR.

I have made no resolutions and have not filed anything away with the label "2009."

I pretty much have just had my eyes on March 21 (due date). That is when the NEW YEAR will begin for me. The NEW LIFE. My new life; her new life -- our new life as a family. Scariness.

We went to the doctor for another checkup today, and he said she is now facing with her head down, which is a good position to be in. We got another ultrasound. They are ultrasound happy in this country; I have had too many to count. OK, let me actually count -- I have had nine. And mine is a "normal" pregnancy! They do one at every Dr.'s visit, and I "interviewed" several doctors at the beginning, so each one wanted to give me one. They love it. We got a DVD recording of the last one.

In today's ultrasound we could see that her eyes were closed and she was moving her jaw like a cow chewing cud. I guess she grinds her teeth (gums) like me. Her nose looked really squishy and it looked like she had big lips. I really hope she's not funky looking when she comes out. I am very curious to see what she really looks like.

They also do 3-D ultrasounds here. I didn't think I would do it, but now I think it could be kind of fun to compare it with when she comes out. What do you think, should I do it?


Liz said...

wait, are you kidding? 3-D!!!! and even better? 3-D POST! (if possible).
you look fabulous, btw.

M. said...

you've got to have some incentive to push, right? So I wouldn't :) ARe we allowed to know potential names?

Tara said...

seriously. the 3-D scared me. i saw it here in the mall. and i think it's hard to not slouch when you're prego, so don't feel bad. :)

a mermaid said...

i never had a 3d but it always sounded cool. how exciting that you have already seen her so much though. that's great.

Lacey said...

I always wanted one but they are $100 or so, so we never did. I thought it would be fun to compare too. You are so cute I wish we could see your belly in person. We are still planning on visiting before you come back to the states. Time is flying! We miss you guys.

micah and nic said...

CONGRATS! I didn't even know. You look SO AMAZING! Um, 9 ultrasounds seems excessive. Geezo. BA is looking dreamy. Hope all is well!

mj said...

If it's easy and cheap, sure. At one of our standard ultrasounds, the tech changed it to 3-D for a while. We did not get too many good shots bc little miss kept covering up her eyes with her hands, but we got a few where we could see her cute little nose and cheeks and she came out with the same ones, so that was cool.

To this day she loves that hand up by her face; it's in her mouth all the time. It's also the way she came out :(.

Rosie Posie said...

3D ultrasounds are weird looking. We had one with Josiah. they already look like little aliens in the normal ultrasound, but 3D makes them look scary. You gotta have at least one 3D so go for it. BTW i hope we get to see you soon. Now that Josiah can talk, he's been asking about his girlfriend Meg.

AJ said...

I have been in my own little world and had no idea you were pregnant! Yay for you.

Hey, I think you are foreign officer but I am not sure. Jake is taking the exam in March. We are hoping to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone and their mother is an FSO over here. Manila is a huge post and a good one here if you are interested.

Again, congratulations.