Friday, January 8, 2010

Poor Doggie

This metal vent cover fell down, scaring the doggie when it CRASHED!!!! to the ground. To help him get over his fear, Neil put the dog on top of the grate. Ten minutes later, the dog had not moved one paw. Poor thing! Maybe this is really cruel, so please don't tell PETA, but we left him there when we went out to eat. Neil said "sheer laziness will overcome him and he'll eventually move." Did I mention we had put his dinnertime food dish a few feet in front of him? When we got back, he had gotten off the grate and eaten his dinner. Aren't we going to be the BEST parents??!


mj said...

good practice for when you have to leave the baby in her swing whimpering so you can make lunch. not that i ever do that.

a mermaid said...

awwwww! poor cute doggie! haha