Friday, April 23, 2010

One Month!

Baby Nile is one month old today! Can you believe it? Me neither.

It's been nothing but a party over here; sorry for the radio silence since Easter. Well, by party I mean one whirlwind month of partying all night, Nile-style. Kind of a whirlwind and a blur. I'm so glad neither Neil nor I have to work right now. In all seriousness, it really has been so fun hanging out and bonding with our new little daughter. She is so sweet and precious. And it's been lots of fun hanging out with her aunties, uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa, friends and friends, etc. etc.!

Some of what we've been up to:

 Four generations: Neil, (Great)Grammy, Nile, Grandpa

 (Nearly) The whole fam. Granny Franny's birthday.

  Cousin Camryn's first birthday party.

 Auntie Becky and cousins Gavin and Dallan.

 Cousin Lillian.

 Grandma. Nile often has a skeptical look on her face, don't take it personally.



Baby Nile at one month.

And to bring things full circle, a couple old pics just for fun that I found on cousin Julie's Picasa album today.


Z. Marie said...

Oh, she's adorable! I love her skeptical look. How long until you head back?

a mermaid said...

ahhhh i have been wondering what you guys have been up to! :) baby nile is getting lots of love all around and you already look so great!!!

Liz said...

awww!! megan, so sweet. and beautiful. and peaceful. what a fun little family she was born into. happy 1 month Nile-girl!

Lacey said...

I love all the pictures. Especially the one of the two of you. She is a doll, and you look like a happy mama! We miss you guys, and wish we could kiss her little cheeks.

AJ said...

Everything about her looks so healthy and beautiful.

Meg, how do you do it? You look SO SO SO amazing.

modestmuse said...

Thanks, I think she's pretty cute, too :) We are headed back the first week of May. Sad, but exciting, too. Can't wait for her to meet all her friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

Chas said...

Cute-city, no... cute-nation. 1 month already! Scary.