Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pizza Mart and Birthday Party

Neil has been talking about Pizza Mart ever since we got here -- a place he remembers from his childhood as having the original $5 pizza (Little Caesars and others being copycats). So we finally hit it up for dinner this past weekend. I must say I can't really recommend it -- we definitely got what we paid for, but Neil was happy so that's all that matters, right?

Afterward we went to Dallan's Spider-Man-themed birthday party. He turned three!

The gift-opening was a hard event to control and all the cousins hovered and eventually started to take over. Some crying ensued.

Nile enjoyed watching from the sidelines with Dad.

And with grandma.

 And aunts and uncle.
 Everybody wants to hold her! (Yes, she had a wardrobe change, you know how that goes.)

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a mermaid said...

pizza mart sounds deeelightful :)

ambrose's third birthday had some serious hover-ers at gift opening time. it stressed me out more than him i think.