Monday, June 28, 2010

Bath Time

I gave Nile a bath tonight. She actually seemed to like it. She could sort of sit up better in her baby bath than she has during previous baths. And she kept a stoic face the whole time, rather than making a borderline-uncomfortable face like she has in the past, in which cases I've hurried up to get her in and out asap so she doesn't end up hating bathtime.

I am considering tonight's lengthier on my part and neutrally-tolerated on her part bath a success, because usually I am TERRIFIED of bathing baby Nile.

I have honestly bathed Nile fewer times than I can count on my fingers.

Yes, she is three months (and five days) old.

Neil has given her a few sponge baths; sometimes we give her a quick once-over with the baby wipes before going out, and of course her diaper area is cleaned multiple times a day.

But as far as baths with soap and water in her baby bath, she has not had very many.

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOooooo afraid of something happening to her. It's irrational, I know. I hold her the whole time, and don't look away or even blink. OK, I blink. But I don't turn my head away. It was worse I guess when she could hardly sit or hold her head up, and I had to hold her and be really careful the whole time.

It just scared me to the point of not wanting to bathe her.

CRAZY, I know!

And one of the FIRST things I told Nanny was not to bathe her, that we would bathe her at night. I hope Nanny can't tell that I have hardly been keeping good on my word! I just DEFINITELY don't want anyone else bathing her. I am so scared and paranoid about something happening; and no, reading this didn't help any. (Don't worry, the little boy made a full recovery, but his story still scares the living daylights out of me.)

So I am glad that it was a good experience for both of us tonight.

Still making her stoic face.

Mom, this is the Winnie the Pooh bear suit you sent her!!!

Smiley girl.


M. said...

I"m so slow... N-E-I-L and N-I-L-E. you need to change your name to another variation of that and you'd be the hippest family around!

a mermaid said...

I can relate for sure! Anytime we've had a babysitter I tell them not to worry about bathtime for a similar reason. Once Nile gets older she will have so much more control over her body and have so much fun in the tub, but so young it's a struggle to hold them up properly AND wash too! You're a sweet mommy. And no worries about few baths at this stage because it's supposedly better for their skin to be bathed less frequently. She is getting more precious with each picture!

Bfiles said...

that story is beyond horrible. I don't blame you for being scared. But it has an obvious moral- never leave little children in the tub alone. Not even for a minute. She left them for quite a few minutes and I am terribly sorry for her pain.
But remember, you don't want Nile to be afraid of the water, either, by never putting her in'll have to find a balance with everything in parenthood. I so hear you, though.

mj said...

I am definitely not following that link. I like how her personality is starting to come out more in the pics. Cute baby! And I'm sure you'll get used to it, especially now that you've had a little bit of success. Adele cried at first but loves baths now. Our next step is to move her into the big girl tub, which I am a little scared of.

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nomadic gnome said...

ahhh her smile is adorable!! i thought all babies loved water? although i just went to the pool with my sister and her 3 month old and she wouldn't get in the pool with her. too many germies or something. but a bath is niiiice, right? maybe you can get one of those handheld sink sprayers or a showerhead?