Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my philosophy

i ordered some "baby grace" scented stuff from philosophy.

everything on their site and in the e-mail shipping confirmation, etc. is in lowercase.

that's their style.

you can imagine how the former copy editor in me feels about that.

{it is really, hugely, a pet peeve.}

i ordered the baby grace stuff because it is the most -- pardon the uppercase -- AWESOME scent ever.

besides l'occitane's verbena.

the sad thing is, i ordered the baby grace stuff because ...

i was given a tiny little bottle of baby grace shower gel by a friend when i was in arizona, and it was so wonderful i decided to pack it in my carry-on.

well, the very friendly tsa guy in phoenix -- no, really, he was actually friendly -- apologized profusely but said i could not take the shower gel because it was in too large of a container (4 oz.).

tsa regulation is 3 oz.

well, why does philosophy -- and many other companies, i am noticing -- make a deceptively small 4 oz bottle if it is not the right size to carry on?

i think all companies should consider making their products in sizes that can be carried on. i have twice had an expensive hair pomade confiscated while traveling because it, too, was 1 oz. over the limit. such a huge bummer!


Z. Marie said...

Oh how I hate all lower-case.
You're definitely right about the 4 oz. bottles. What kind of sense does that make?

Daniela Swider said...

What a bummer!

Some companies do put together travel size packages but apparently not all.

I would have poured 1 oz out in the trash can and traveled with the rest.

I have done it with toothpaste. I usually buy large tubes of toothpaste because they are a better deal but when they get down to a couple of oz, I save them for traveling. It may not work every time but I haven't gotten stopped yet.

modestmuse said...

Ok, come on ... why the people commenting in Chinese? Who are all you Chinese blog commenters? Really? :(

Daniela, I like your toothpaste idea. But that, and pouring stuff out, does it really work? Because I've had TSA tell me that it doesn't matter how much is in the container, if the container says that it holds more than 3 oz., they have to trash it.

ZM and Daniela, I went back to Philosophy's site, and it's like they read my mind -- at the bottom of the home page is a link to their "travel and trial size" products! But still, why the 4 oz.? Seems arbitrary.

Marrying Magnolia said...

grace isn't on the list but lots of other wonderful products are offered in tsa approved bottles.