Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mosquito Problem

We somehow have a mosquito problem in our apartment.

The past couple nights I have not had an incident, but last week I awoke every night to the

H  O  R  R  I  B  L  E

sound of a mosquito buzzing around my ear!!!!!

ugghhhhh!!! gross

And of course, lovely bites all over my legs when I'm sitting at the computer, and lovely bites all over my back, face and arms while I'm sleeping!!!

The last straw was yesterday, when I came home at lunch and Nile had a bite on her face. And then while I was feeding her in her room, Neil spotted and killed the mosquito on the ceiling above her crib!

You may think, "big deal, mosquitoes ... they ARE annoying though."

But you have to realize --

it's winter here.


M. said...

um, I think that makes it worse!! My advice:
Eat garlic
get marigold and rosemary plants (they deter mosquitos)
get one of those nasty zappers.

I HATE mosquitos and they always get me. I don't wear parfume anymore, but i cant give up my dove soap...or do anything about how close to the surface my veins are. :/

a mermaid said...

oh no, i didn't think "big deal" that is the worst! i HATE mosquitoes! remember a long time ago when we hiked to manoa falls with jacob's family (i think it was them visiting at the time) and we were all eaten alive!

anyway, that buzzing by your ear business is one of the most creepy, unwanted feelings or sensations EVER. poor nile too! today one was biting me and amby in my room while asher was napping and i stood very still in front of my mirror until i saw it buzzing around my head and slapped my forehead and KILLED IT much to ambrose's delight.

Sara said...

I HATE mosquitoes and I seem to draw them as if I was a swamp. They're bad here too, and it's only the winter. But the winter here is very wet, so maybe the summer will be better. Here's hoping.

銘木 said...


hannah said...

Are you sure it's not vuvuvazaviviozelas? (It is World Cup season, after all!)

Maurise Gelman said...

We had the same problem too! I never like the idea that they are around the house, ready to attack all day long. That’s why I made an all-natural mosquito repellent to safeguard our family. You can use rubbing alcohol or distilled water and mix it with the scent of your choice: lavender, citronella and lemongrass. Shake it well and spray it every 2-3 hours. It has proven safe and effective, and leaves a soothing effect as well.

-Maurise Gelman