Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Shower II

 My mother-in-law threw us a baby shower open house on Saturday. Neil was in attendance and boys were welcome.

One of my very best friends, Linsi, drove all the way from Santa Barbara, Calif., to attend!

Yes, I made this banner! I think I am going to add something jazzy around the edge of the squares or cut them to a different shape, but this is a start. I'm going to hang it in Nile's room.

Nile's second-cousin Kelly.

This headband was a lovely gift. We decided it made her look like an adorable little sea anemone.
 As you can see, her eyes are still totally blue/gray! I am so curious what color they'll end up!

 Thanks, Tara, we're still rockin' the TaraBelles!!!


Everyone loved holding Nile, and she slept through the entire party!

Neil got some quality time with five of the six brothers who grew up in the house behind his. Pictured is just a sampling of the kids that they all now have!

Grammy's sisters, Aunt Delcie and Aunt Frankie.

Denna Ray, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Pam, Us!, Fran and Gary, Aunt Delcie, Aunt Frankie, Cousin Jaynie, Cousin Kathy, Baby Nile.

It was a great party and a wonderful way to see lots of friends and family before we go -- and have photos of those folks to show to Baby Nile when she's older and we're somewhere far away!


Anonymous said...

It's Friday, and it’s the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup’s Three Month Blogiversary - and you're on it!

Here is the link:

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That baby shower looks beautiful! How blessed you guys are!

Moni & Paul said...

Megan! You look amazing- CONGRATs!!!!!

modestmuse said...

Thanks! We definitely feel very blessed, and surrounded by great people.

Monique, you are so sweet! I miss you!!

nomadic gnome said...

um, hi, didn't you just give BIRTH? how do you look so hot?

you guys have made such a beautiful baby. i hope i meet her soon. like maybe in south africa. (lucky!)