Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prosvita and Parilla

Our friend, Igor, is a Ukranian-Argentine, and is very involved in the Ukranian cultural scene here. I had no idea the scene was so big. He invited us to his group's performance, celebrating 85 years of the Ukranian Cultural Club of Argentina. It was held at Parque Centenario, and it was quite a production!

Afterward, we stopped by Siga la Vaca for some carryout. Ever since we got back to BA, I've been jonesing for some parilla (Argentine bbq)!

Morcilla (blood sausage -- don't knock it till you try it!), chorizo (sort of like bratwurst), a cut of pork, Russian (potato) salad, and a choripan (chorizo sandwich) for him. SOOOooooo good!!!


Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

It sure looks like you guys have been busy since you've gotten back. Your posts make me so hungry!!

AJ said...

That food looks amazing. I try and show Jake all your posts so he can tell me a memory he has of BA. He only speaks highly of it and wants to live there again some day. From your blog it looks amazing!