Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making The Rounds

Nile has made so many friends since she got here. Well, they're sort of one-sided relationships since she's been asleep at pretty much every meeting.

We chronicled a few of her adventures.

We went to the Embassy where she has been eagerly anticipated.

Then we stopped by Silvana and Thomas' house where she took advantage of her chance to stretch out and sleep at the same time.

Which reminds me of an old picture I never posted -- Thomas is French, so awhile ago Neil and I got him this shirt from Urban Outfitters. Not sure if Frenchmen wear T-shirts.

Anyway, Silvana gave me the bad news about the lemongrass she was plant-sitting for me.

p.s. love their view!

Her lemongrass is beside mine and looks to have met the same fate. That's OK -- it would've probably fared the same in my care; I put all of our houseplants on the balcony while we were gone and wished them well. They are now all dead.

After bidding Silvana and Thomas adieu, we headed home. We txted Gastón to see if he was at our neighborhood sushi joint of which he is part-owner; he was on his way there, so we ventured out to meet him.

On the walk over we passed a new place that opened up in our absence, TeaConnection. It looks so cute! I love the wallpaper. I will have to stop by there another day.

At Itamae, Gastón gave us the royal treatment -- appetziers, sushi, dessert! Nile didn't act too impressed.

I don't know how he does it -- he not only has the restaurant, he also owns his own law firm and -- watch out, locals -- is headed to D.C. this fall to finish a masters in International Relations at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

This was around 11 p.m., and we were not the only people in the restaurant; it was still open when we left. Sorry Mesa, AZ, I love being back in a place with some nightlife!

The dessert on the far right was a cookie confection rolled like sushi, with a rectangular vat of gooey sweet to dip it in. At first I thought, "oh yum, caramel" and then I remembered where I was and realized of COURSE, it's not caramel -- it's dulce de leche!!

It's good to be home :)


rachel said...

Before I scrolled down to the Thomas being French part I was thinking wow he is handsome and has good clothes. How are your animals? Are they cute with Nile? I love her name.

AJ said...

FOod. Food. Food. It looks so so so good. Too bad the restaurants here look good but are tasteless.