Friday, May 23, 2014

Botswana in Arizona

A group of us went out to the movies here in AZ for my brother in law's birthday. Before the movie started, we were seated, hanging out, eating our popcorn, talking and watching the pre-movie programming -- quizzes, Did You Knows?, behind the scenes, and a music video from a new Norwegian R&B duo, Nico and Vinz, for their hit single "Am I Wrong."

I nearly choked on my popcorn when images of pure, 100% Botswana unfolded on the big screen to the music. I really couldn't believe it!

I said incredulously to my sister in law, "That's Botswana!!" But I figured there was no way it was actually filmed in Botswana, so maybe it was neighboring South Africa?

Still, from the landscape, to the wire cars the boys are playing with (I have one, a souvenir), to the combi!!!! to the triangular red, white and blue pedestrian crossing sign -- featuring a silhouetted man wearing a wide-brimmed hat -- to the San bushmen!!! to the bus rank (station), to Victoria Falls, and the Delta ---- it was all so unmistakably Botswana!

I looked it up on my phone, and holy moly, it WAS filmed in Botswana!

So if you were ever wondering what the past three years of my life looked like, check out this video, it pretty well sums it up:

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Bfiles said...

Stopped by to see if you are still updating.

That must have been an amazing moment. It's a beautiful song and video.