Thursday, May 8, 2014

T-Minus 7 Days

We are one week out from boarding a plane to our new home in Switzerland. Lots to do before then!

The biggest thing weighing on me is shipping our pets. It is becoming complicated and very stressful as it always seems to. Not to mention costly. So trying to iron out all of the logistics in a race against time. Nightmare is an understatement. Why is it always like this? Next time (?) I will let a professional pet shipper handle all of this, just tell me where to sign!

Today's PhotoADay theme is "Blue" which is appropriate because I've been blue all day. I wish an international move meant just showing up, but there are so many details, and then the realization that you are LEAVING your home and family, and all the good times to be had here in the States. Ups and downs.

I thought about "Blue" all day and really came up with nothing, but I do have a favorite little item right now, a little jewelry dish I bought at the beginning of home leave. I have subsequently taken it in my carryon for each leg of this trip, because it is so handy to have a place to drop my earrings and accessories at the end of the day. Or the odd button that's popped off the girls' clothes.

I think Neil will appreciate me using it. Sure, it's not putting things away right away, but it still has a bit of the "a place for everything ..." spirit to it. I love it. And it's blue (and white)!


Bfiles said...

I love it, too! Good luck getting it all done!

mj said...

What? I think I clicked your link on accident . . . and here you are bloggin' like it's your business or something. Anyway, good luck in Switzerland. Ridiculously beautiful place I've actually visited!

modestmuse said...

Thanks, Bfiles! MJ, I'm trying! :D Would have been great to see you in VA; things with the girls were already enough to handle ... :/ hope to catch up next time. In the meantime here I am and I will check for updates on your blog!