Saturday, May 10, 2014

In The Garden

In the Garden (yard) or not -- a tea party warrants a post!

My sister in law Becky hosted a tea party for 12 ladies in my honor on Saturday, May 10.

The front entry.

Becky on the right

My sister in law Kristin! The wife of my husband's identical twin.

The whole group! I need this pic in color, everyone looked gorgeous and colorful, like a bouquet of flowers.

Cucumber sandwiches, egg salad, macarons -- we had it all.

Becky's house is the perfect setting for a tea party!

My BYU-H roommate, Krystal, is seated to my right! Beside her is my sister in law, Lisa, and to my other side is my mother in law, Fran, and my friend Kastle, the wife of Neil's former roommate, and our friend Leann!

Yes, another pic of me :) A rare moment when I am on this side of the camera!

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