Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Nile found an egg in the backyard, laid in the grass by one of Grandma and Papa G's eight chickens.

She decided we needed to use it to bake a cake!

So we put on our aprons and she donned her toque (I came across that word for the very first time in one of my first weeks copy editing at Gannett and had to look it up! I can see it is not a very useful word to know.) and we went into the kitchen.

We ended up making two individual-size apple crumbles (sorry Nile, no eggs) from one apple, a bunch of oats, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla, and a lot of butter!

Today's PhotoADay theme is "From Down Low." We'll, that didn't happen.

But this is Nile in her chef gear, blowing kisses to her other Grandma in VA!

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