Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Over and Over

This song is in my head.

I exorcised it with YouTube and then I Wiki'd Peter Bjorn just to know a little bit more.

It says that in 2006, the song "was also named NME's second-best track of 2006, beaten only by "Over and Over" by Hot Chip."

I don't think I know "Over and Over" but it reminds me ...

I have a lot of stories from the days in college when I worked part-time during the school year and full time during the summer in a nursing home.

I really love the old people.

There was one old lady, a tiny little thing with dark gray/black hair parted in the middle and cut in a shoulder-length, stringy bob. Thick little glasses and a cute face that reminded me of a Podling.

She could walk with a walker, and you could talk to her and she seemed mostly with it; she spoke both English and Pennsylvania Dutch. Interestingly there was another old lady in the nursing home who spoke it, too.

But she would repeat a few words and phrases to herself constantly otherwise.

One such word/phrase was "over." Especially if you were helping her to get up and walk.

"Over. Over. Over and over.     Over. O-ver.    Over.    Over and over."

"Over. O-ver."


"O-ver and over."

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