Monday, August 2, 2010

Party's Over


We take Nile all over the place with us. I think it is making her an adaptable, flexible, well-rounded baby. Well, I guess she was asleep for a lot of it.

We would take her to house parties, where she would charm all of the guests until she fell asleep, we strapped her in (key: ALWAYS strap the baby IN) to her car seat and she'd snooze away the rest of the night in a guest room.

Now she's becoming more ...

Well, less portable.

She wants to be awake, and not just awake, she wants to be standing, which means one of us is holding her hands while she stands and bounces on our lap. She likes to be a part of the action. She likes to be entertained.

And she really likes to chew on fingers and drool all over the place.

At dinner the other night, she drooled all over the menu. I think the restaurant owners should take it as a compliment.

You really thought we were kidding about late dinners in Buenos Aires? Try dinner served at 11:40 p.m.  Redefining "midnight snack."

And now there is the fussiness that comes when you have a baby in a busy restaurant at midnight and all she wants is her crib ...

I guess Nile's party-girl days are over?

Every recent night that we've taken her out, upon our return home I say, "that was the last night we take her out; she's just getting too old for that and needs to go to bed earlier." And then I take her out again. And repeat myself again.

I'm just afraid to get a babysitter, and Nanny lives outside the city.

So we continue to adapt to Life With Baby.

Luckily Neil is totally awesome with her. And I'm not half-bad, if I do say so myself.


Bfiles said...

ok, I want to comment on Nile, but just saw that you are moving to Gaborone!!!!!!! Really?? Did I miss that post? I thought it was Pretoria. What happened, and can I come visit? Seriously, I'm hoping for an Oct A100 offer, and all I can think about lately is being posted to Gaborone (just spent a few days with my mom who went on her lifelong dream trip to the Okavango Delta last year and she was telling me all about it).
OMG, I am so excited for you. And for me, who will get to read about it.

And it's true...babies get a little less portable as they get older. I hope you can find a babysitter you like- makes all the difference in the world.

mj said...

Hey, you guys had a great run. Our little babe was never THAT portable; at least we couldn't take her anywhere where *quiet* was important from day one. But it's also really nice that she has had a solid bedtime for the last four months because it means we get chill time every night. So hey, there is a good part to this.

It would be a pain if we could never go out to dinner with her though. We just have to be early birds, which does not seem to be an option for you guys. Good luck finding a good babysitter!

modestmuse said...

Yep, Gaborone :) It originally was Pretoria, but we were subsequently given the option of Gaborone. We heard many good things about it, as you mention, so we took it. How awesome that your mom got to go on her dream vacation, the Okavango sounds like an awesome place.

Yeah, I guess getting her used to other caretakers is probably a good thing, too, so I need to just do it ... but it's so hard and makes me sad to think of her thinking I abandoned her with some stranger!

Bfiles said...

girl, I need to get bidding advice from did you score BA and then Gaborone??
btw, what cone are you?

As for Nile, I hear you, it's not easy to leave them on the wkends after working all'll figure it out.

敬周喜 said...

No pains, no gains..................................................................

M. said...

lol she must be an amerian baby. Spain is the same as Argentina and I would always be shocked seeing happy, bouncing babies eating out at 11pm. craziness. who can blame a girl for wanting her bed that late!?