Sunday, August 15, 2010

Skater Boyz

In front of La Rural expo center, there is an interesting community, a growing skate scene. The whole "skate park" has been built just since I've been here, and I've seen it growing in popularity. Graffiti artists have also contributed. If I had more time, and better Castellano (Spanish), I would love to do some ethnographic research; some "deep hanging out" at this scene.

I have also noticed more kids around the city and particularly in our neighborhood on skateboards. In the "park" that's not really a park in front of our apt., I notice teenagers gathering and practicing skateboard tricks. (Long into the night/early morning; the way Porteños roll.) Interesting phenomenon, especially in a city that is as NOT conducive to skating as Buenos Aires -- lots of cobblestone, brick, uneven sidewalks, { dog poo }, and reckless motorists.

I would also be very interested in studying the evolving skatewear scene, as this type of dress and shoe is not apparently widely popular or readily available in stores -- it is expensive (imported) from what I can tell from stores I've noticed in upscale malls.

Anyway, just things I've noticed and am interested in.

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