Sunday, August 15, 2010


This picture was actually taken June 17, 2009, one day after a little home test told me I was pregnant.

Recently, cab rides have been reminding me of this time last year:

the cold air outside/the sometimes too-warm air inside cabs and the contrast between the two that makes my head and tummy feel weird; funky smelling cabs, stale cigarette smoke, stop-and-go traffic, bus exhaust/car exhaust/stinky, nausea and headache-inducing exhaust, funky smells of food, people and a foreign city in general, fatigue and MORNING SICKNESS.

Luckily I was never physically ill (you know what I mean) from morning sickness, but those cab rides sure gave me a run for my money. I shudder thinking of how uncomfortable it was to have to ride in a cab everywhere when I felt so crappy. I still can't eat ñoquis (gnocchi).

I don't know at all why I took the picture above. I was thinking I needed to take a pic to illustrate this post but I looked through my photo folder just to see if I had a pic of a cab ride and funny enough this one is from exactly the time period I am thinking about.

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