Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Magnificent Night at the Theatre

We did not just have box seats -- we had a box suite at the Teatro Colón, one of the top five opera houses in the world.

And not just any suite -- the Mayor's Box! As in, the actual mayor of Buenos Aires. Free tickets. Magnificent. As the video tour shows you, it's a suite that includes its own living room, bathroom, and personal attendant. It was incredible!


I could live here! Or the Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau ... it's a toss-up.

We went to see the opera "Don Giovanni"; my first opera, if you don't count "El Fantasma de la Opera." I don't think anything will ever measure up to this experience.

We had a car and driver take us (me and some friends, including Amy who was visiting, her first night in Buenos Aires!) to the Colón.


Upon arrival, we entered the grand lobby. Breathtaking!



And ascended the stairs to our box.



The auditorium <-- that word does NOT do it justice!


looking up ...

The Teatro Colón has been closed for a complete cleaning and restoration during the past few years -- it was finally reopened on May 25 of this year, and it literally sparkles.

Our seats! Yes, that is the curtain to our left!


We were right above the orchestra. I love the sound of them warming up.

The view: Not just about seeing, but being seen.

~The curtain went up; no pictures during the performance; fast forward to intermission.~

Relaxing during intermission in the "living room." We should have brought pajamas!

View through the suite to the auditorium.


~No pictures during the second half; fast forward to after the show.~

The cast took a well deserved bow ...


... the lights came up ...

... we left Maggie straightening up the room ...

... admired the corridors ...



... took one final shot ...

... and were picked up in the van and whisked back home.


Sara said...

That looks amazing! I've wanted to go to the opera for a while - this makes my desire even stronger!!

mj said...

Um . . .

. . . yeah I think I could maybe handle foreign service.

Lincoln and Alisia said...

Holy Cow. That was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Daniela Swider said...

Wow, what an awesome experience!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

nomadic gnome said...

wow that is insanely cool. i'm buying my plane ticket NOW. meg walton, hobnobber of the bourgeoisie.

AMY_BELL - said...

Wow Megan, you have some great pictures. I couldn't figure out the lighting to save my life!