Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Nile stays home with daddy every day while I'm in training, which has been quite convenient but which doesn't afford her with much stimulation, or Neil with long periods of uninterrupted study time.

Since Neil's studying = an eventual $econd paycheck, I am keen on giving him as much concentrated study time as possible. In Argentina he didn't like that we had a nanny, and he maintains that in Botswana he can watch Nile himself. But I am mooooore than willing to make the (relatively small when overseas; much more here in VA) financial sacrifice now to let him study so he can earn the big bucks later, right?

So we decided we will send Nile to daycare during the next few weeks of my training.


BIG DECISION, I know. It was mostly based on the fact that she is holed up inside all day, playing with the few toys and many bits of lint we have on the floor, with a fraction of daddy's attention. I also think it could be really good for her to socialize with other kids in a stimulating environment.

And honestly, I wouldn't trust her to ANY other place than the on-campus facility where I'm training. I haven't actually vetted it, but I trust the seal of approval from the Type A thorough and inquisitive personalities I work with who HAVE checked it out. Plus, who can argue with layers of security including armed guards standing watch at the daycare doors? Not me!

I hadn't looked into daycare at the facility before now because I always heard that there was like a year-long wait to get in. Then I talked to one of my classmates who has a daughter the same age as Nile and she said there were openings, at least for her age group. I called and there were, no problems! Registered Friday to start Monday.

And why didn't she start Monday?

I was up all Sunday night -- literally, until I only had an hour until my alarm went off Monday morning -- worrying about her going to daycare! I couldn't sleep over it! I just felt so worried about it for some reason. I have decided my anxiety was over the fact that there is no way for me to tell her that she's going and no way for her to understand. And I won't be there to make sure she is well-taken care of. But I think she'll be OK. At least that's what the nice lady at the facility, the assistant director, told me when we talked on Friday. So I wasn't ready for her to start Monday, but we're going to do it today!



Daniela Swider said...

I think every mom goes through that. I felt so guilty when my daughter started day care (at 18 months). She just seemed so little with her big backpack. In hindsight, I know she was really happy to go. She loved the interaction with the other kids and her wonderful teacher. Of course, that didn't make it any easier on me at the time but still...

Rosie Posie said...

Megatron..I know how you feel. There are so many balances to being a parent and working and doing the best for your family. I am sure sweet Nile will be okay and it is a small sacrifice for a better cause. I want you to know I feel your pain. We had to do the same with Josiah and Simon.

Moni & Paul said...

Okay Megan, She is SOooooooooooooooo cute, I cannot even tell you! You guys did good.
Hope all is well :)

Bfiles said...

I saw you today at the Visitors center but you were talking to the guard and I didn't want to be all weird and interrupt since we've never met!
Then I saw Nile's name when I went to pick up my kids at daycare. Mine are 2 and 4. We LOVE the daycare- it is truly fabulous! I will say hi next time! We're having a DC area bloggers potluck soon so hope you can attend. Try not to worry- Nile's in great hands!