Monday, February 21, 2011

Disneyland Silhouette

Sorry, we're not done with Disneyland yet ... ;)

Bri reminded me of the BEST investment I made at Disneyland -- a handmade silhouette of Nile.

Readers: please, please promise me that the next time you go to Disneyland you will get your or a loved one's silhouette done.

It is really cheap and quick; I think it was like $7 or $10 or something and it took 90 seconds, tops. And you actually get two silhouettes for the price of one -- the lady who does it holds two pieces of paper together and cuts, so you get two silhouettes facing opposite directions, in case you want one facing the "other" way.

They offer you a frame for a little extra cost, so it ended up being $19 total. And now I have the most adorable, personalized souvenir. Plus it is just fascinating watching this lady work, she is truly amazing.

SHE CUTS THESE FREEHAND, PEOPLE! And she's been doing this at Disney for 20 years. She had me sit down perpendicular to her, holding Nile. On the wall a couple feet in front of us was a bunch of Disney and Mickey stickers for Nile to look at so she could see her profile. The lady is really personable, gentle and sweet. I thought she was going to take a picture or trace Nile's shadow on the wall or something, but that's when I realized that as we were talking, she was CUTTING! She has these tiny little scissors, and bits of paper were flying everywhere. Then she was done! Like I said, 90 seconds, tops. It was incredible. Worth just watching, if anything. She apparently usually has a long line, but no one was there when we went by, and that's why we decided to do it. She can also do multiple people at once, like mother and child, so I kind of wished I would have done that, too!

At any rate, I wouldn't say it looks EXACTLY like Nile, but it does look like a baby, and she even included tiny, fine wisps of hair on top of the cutout's head and a little ducktail in the back, so I thought she captured Nile pretty well. She just missed Nile's trademark turtle beak ;)



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