Saturday, February 19, 2011

So Long, Farewell!

Wow, I think this is the most "real time" my blogging has been or will be for awhile. 


The last guest just left our little farewell party. It was great to see all those who braved the 45 mph winds to hang out one last time before we take off. For those of you who couldn't make it, we will see you in two years! If not sooner -- we welcome visitors in Botswana!!


Our first guests, an awesome, "real expat" family we met in Buenos Aires.


Marcia and her fiance, Casey. They are getting married May 12!!! Marcia is a longtime friend of Neil's who recounted the day she met him in 1999 -- and the fact that when she saw him last week, he was wearing the same outfit as that night, right down to the beanie.


Jesse J Boogie in the middle! Matthieu and Hannah.


Babies everywhere! Nile, Erica, "Little a" and their mommies.


OK, so she's being serious here, but otherwise Erica is the happiest, smiliest baby I know!


Karina, aka Harlem Princess!


More babies. It was so cute to see them all playing.


More BsAs friends, Alanna and her mommy Pamela!


Then I got sticky root beer on my camera lens. I didn't realize it till after I got a few fuzzy shots.


Root beer, because you can't get it overseas!


Carlo finally got to hold Baby Nile ... sort of!

Matthew and Emily are TALL and Neil and I are short, so we took this shot as an experiment -- Neil and I are actually like 5 ft. away from them -- did the optical illusion work??

Papa Johns! It was a good night.

I tried to get pics of everyone present, but we inevitably missed a lot of people -- special shout outs to Marc, Mick, Adam and Michelle, Courtney, Steve L., Brandon-Meredith and clan, Wade-Kelly and baby boy, Yvette, and spouses who we didn't get photos with. THANK YOU for coming!!!!


Travelin' Tracy said...

Wow, I wished I could have made a visit to Argentina (but getting married, buying a house, getting pregnant...well that sort of ruined those ideas for travel! hahaa). I hope you love Botswana. I am so glad you are getting to have these experiences. We are hoping to work for the department of defense after we have had all the babies and spent some time closer to grandparents.

I wish I would have been able to see you when I was in VA, but we are both busy people. I love your blog though, so don't take too long to tell us about the trip and first few weeks of settling in!

modestmuse said...

Aw, we missed you. You guys will have many adventures down the road, I'm sure! I will try to be better about blogging while I'm in Botswana! :)

Ryan M. Janda said...

Wait, when did this happen? In the U.S. right? How did you track down Karina???