Sunday, February 20, 2011


January 8-11, 2011


We had such a good time at Disneyland! It was Nile and my first trip! Everything they say about Disneyland is true, it really is a magical place!

I loved it and I find myself thinking about it from time to time, with very fond memories. I am definitely going back on our return trip to the States in two years when Nile will be three years old and more able to enjoy it.

The whole park is completely over the top, as only Disney can do. I was continually and constantly impressed by how clean the place is and how nice all of the employees are. All of the shops are so cute, I love them. I just wanted to look at and buy stuff all day! I didn't though, don't worry. The rides were not even my priority, but it was so fun when we did go on them.

Neil's dad rented a wheelchair because of his bum knee. Read: $70 wheelchair rental = automatic bump to the front of the line for wheelchair person plus six guests = boo yah!

A photo log of our days and nights at the Happiest Place on Earth:

Nile and me on our way in, sporting our "First Visit!" pins.

Nile, Grandma and Grandpa, and four of her seven cousins from that side of the family.


The Cinderella castle!!!! The nightly fireworks show is truly out of this world. Totally big-budget as only Disney can do.


Chip! Or Dale?

Neil is still a kid at heart. He really wanted to go to the "Jedi Training" event, so we did. Turns out it's for little kids, but you could tell he wanted to join.


Neil with our Mickey balloon-in-a-balloon. I loved this thing, it lights up like this:


Dallan was just shy of being tall enough for the Thunder Mountain ride, but he may or may not have gone on it anyway ... twice.


 The Wonderful World of Color!


The old-fashioned roller coaster and ferris wheel at California Adventure.


Nile in front of the Cinderella Castle.

OK, so I was a little bit obsessed with the Cinderella Castle!

Second-cousins Jared and Taylor, cousin Gavin and Uncle Chris.

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin!!!!


"Here You Leave Today and Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy"

I really liked this gallery that had all kinds of old illustrations, photos and memorabilia from Disney's history.

"The actual park bench from the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round in Los Angeles, where Walt Disney first dreamed of Disneyland."

Conjures up images in my mind of a penniless and down on his luck Walt Disney, napping on a park bench where he literally DREAMED of Disneyland.

If you know that red wagon and sign, you'll know it means CORN DOGS!!! I think my total over the 3 days in the park was 4 corn dogs. So delicious! But not as yummy as a thumb, Nile will contend.

Our first attempt at Space Mountain. I was so psyched! And then, just as our car was about to start, they shut the ride down :/ A little disconcerting, but we went the next night and it was awesome!

My houndstooth classic Mickey doll! He is so cute!!!!

Back at California Adventure. For those of you who haven't been to Disneyland (or am I the only adult who'd never been there?) CA (funny, I was abbreviating the name of the park and I just realized it's also the postal abbreviation for the state. Coincidence?? Doubtful.) is connected to Disneyland and has a sort of all-encompassing California theme -- Hollywood/bay area/wine country/etc.

Cotton candy!!!!! I loved the food on this trip.

A little cut off, but "Greetings from California!"



stephanie joy said...

I love Disneyland so much! So fun. And I just had to say- Megan- the hair, the skin and cute clothes, skinnyness- sorry to sound creepy but you are just gorgeous! You are. Beautiful family all around. Glad you guys got to have such a blast. Nile is the best dresser of all time too.

modestmuse said...

It IS the Happiest Place, isn't it?! You are so sweet, Steph -- I think all the same things about you! Plus, the island life ... dreamy! You're going to love dressing a little girl and making things for her. So, you know, think about having a girl next, OK?! ;)

AJ said...

Oh me oh my! Were people trying to take your photo all the time because you are so damn hot and look like a total celeb? :)
I think Nile looks like her cousins...a lot!