Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Polo Day

Dec. 4, 2010
***I began drafting this post Dec. 5, hence the lines about sore muscles. Luckily my muscles returned to normal shortly thereafter.***

Today I am so sore -- we played polo yesterday!

OK, so maybe I didn't really "play" as much as ride a horse around and swing a mallet at a ball a bit. But it was so fun and, surprisingly, quite a workout!

Nile read to pass the time on the hour-long drive outside the city to the polo estancia (estate), Taqueada. I highly recommend the place.



Suiting up and eying the competition


Neil is a natural:

I don't know how to ride a horse, so that sort of hinders my polo game ... I spent most of the time trying to master "posting" -- rising up to basically standing in the stirrups and then lowering back down in the saddle so I wasn't bouncing all over when the horse trotted and galloped. And yes, we galloped!! It was exhilarating and a lot of work -- hence the sore muscles.


Nile, holding down the fort. Don't worry, we took turns on the horse so we could watch her.



Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

i just want to squeeze nile! (ever so gently of course :)

Sunny said...

Hi Megan,

I have been following your blog since AJ and Jake told me about it in the Philippines. We are also FS going to Brussels next. Your baby is super cute. We are in A-town for training so maybe we will see you around.

Lisa said...

The B Files and I are organizing a DC-area FS blogger potluck on 2/26. Please email me or check out my husband Paul's blog for details. I think we shared frustrations over broken FSI computers the other day :(.
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