Sunday, August 14, 2011

Singapore: Escalator

Nile fell in love with every escalator she saw in Singapore. She would scream and point and then cry if we passed one without stopping.

When we had the time -- in this case, while I was browsing in Zara -- we would take her up and down on them. Endlessly.


And up.

And down.

And back up.

And then back down.

And up again.

You can see in Neil's face that he is not nearly as amused by the escalator as Nile is ...

p.s. Dad, you better believe I was panicking about her shoe getting sucked into the yellow caution area -- I've never forgotten those horror stories you used to warn us about as kids!

1 comment:

M. said...

loooooooooooove Zara. When I was studying in Spain I was blessed to have one on literally EVERY corner. You bet I went into them all :)