Thursday, August 25, 2011

South Africa Getaway

We went to Johannesburg, South Africa, last weekend for a little getaway. We stayed in a great bed & breakfast, A Room With A View.  I highly recommend.

Our room with views. The skylight was my favorite. And yes, I took these pics from the comfort of the bed. 
Nile was getting a manicure in the bathroom.

There was a cool bird outside the window.
I was in total va-cay mode. I even let Nile eat graham crackers in and wear shoes on the bed.


The view to the saltwater pool below.

Something about the look of the place and the weather reminded me of L.A.
Cat on a tin roof.

We ventured outside to the gardens. Beautiful bird cages. The owner made all of the wrought iron decor by hand.

Me and my sidekick.


nomadic gnome said...

oh how to teleport myself to that spot for the next few months? how did you find the hotel? it's amazing!

so living in africa definitely has its perks, then? :)

Kristin said...

What a gorgeous bed and breakfast! Glad to have found out about it, now just need to work in a trip to South Africa--wish it were cheaper and easier to fly from West Africa!

Daniela Swider said...

Beautiful place!

modestmuse said...

We went down to Jo'burg with friends who had stayed at the place before. We met up with pre-FS friends from DC who are now posted in Pretoria!

K, where in West Africa are you?