Friday, March 11, 2011

Grandma's House

I forgot that I have a ton of pics already uploaded that I can talk about until we get our internet set up at home.

So, during our two months back in the States between Buenos Aires and Gaborone, we went "out West" to see the in-laws in Arizona, and flew up to Utah to see my Grandma Jan. 11-15.

Coming in for a landing at SLC.

Nile loves Great-Grandma!


We hung out by the fire, watching movies while Grandma, aka Great-Grandma, worked on her cross-stitching. She is making a tree skirt for my brother. She made me one that is just gorgeous, featuring cute little gingerbread houses, because I love her Lilliput Lane collection. She is amazing with needle and thread. She also tats, which looks like lace and is like a higher art form of crochet. I have some beautiful things she's tatted and I wish I would learn how to do it myself!

No comment on this photo.

There was a sad pair of deer looking for water in front of the house because everything was frozen solid. The one was licking the ice on the road :(

They also went behind the house and were eating Grandma's shrubs.

We went to Grandma's sister Gloria's house. She is six years younger than Grandma. They both are very busy, active ladies. They live only a couple miles apart, lucky ladies.

Gloria and her late husband Gene have a lot of collections in their home. Behind us is their lovely nutcracker collection.

Their car collection.

My dad always thought his uncle Gene was so cool; at one point when my dad was young, Gene had a fancy convertible sportscar and a chinchilla farm in his basement. The epitome of cool to an impressionable nephew.

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